Peter Eich. Founder of Bikemap and several other cycling related companies. Sold most of them. Now travelling the world, mostly on my bike.

And sometime I am coaching and motivating startups and entrepreneurs, mostly in tourism. Here are some of my presentations.

Hello, I’m Peter, a serial entrepreneur and expert in bicycle tourism.


I am an entrepreneur from Germany, living in Konstanz (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) – but usually I am traveling.

I love two things (if not more): cycling and founding companies.

Within the last 15 years I have successfully founded several companies. Here is my story:

Deutsche Pilgerhilfe

This is my NGO (German: gem. e.V.) for the Camino de Santiago, founded in 2018. We are receiving a substantial part of Jakobsweg-Zentrale’s monthly turnover as donations, and we are using the money to support people, who which to walk the life changing Camino but cannot afford it. We basically pay all their costs.
Link: www.pilgerhilfe.de


The company was founded in 2019, but it was growing from my hobby website jakobsweg.de about the Camino de Santiago, which has become the (by far) leading site about the Way of St. James within the past 12 years. We are providing information, inspiration and (physical) equipment for some 30k annual German speaking pilgrims along the trail of the trails.
Link: www.jakobsweg.de and shop.jakobsweg.de

Helping Helmets

Together with Ben Weigl I developed this idea of bringing contemporary indigenous art onto and into the heads of cyclists. We are connecting local artists on the one side with proud cyclists on the other side. Starting in Australia with beautiful dot art helmets of indigenous Australian artists, we are now looking for new arts, artists and markets globally. This is more a social project than a business.

Link: www.helpinghelmets.org


logo_zr1An operator of international `boat and bike´ tours. The company grew from a two person startup in 1998 to a globally active tour operator with more than 70 partners selling the tours around the world. The company is the pioneer of `boat and bike´ tours, and it has been growing every single year year since its founding. I sold my shares in 2008.
Link: www.islandhopping.com and www.inselhuepfen.de.


rareIn the beginning of 2001 this company was called “Bodensee-Radweg Service” and it operated self-guided fully supported self-guided bike tours around Lake Constance. I later re-named the company to “Radweg-Reisen”, added more than 400 different self-guided tours to the program and in less than 10 years it was the leading bike tour operator in Germany. It continues to grow and currenty has more than 20,000 customers per year – it is probably the largest bike tour operator of the world. I sold my shares in 2013.
Link: www.radweg-reisen.com, and many landing pages such as www.bodensee-radweg.com.


toursprung_logo-transparentA software company specialized in online mapping tools. If you want to use something similar to Google Maps, perhalts self hosted, more personalised or requiring other features e.g. additional details in the map, then you might want to check our main product: Maptoolkit. Our customers are tourism destination organizations, publishing firms and banks. We also develop apps for travel industry, and we believe that we do the best bicycle routing in the market. I sold my shares in October 2015.
Link: www.toursprung.com for the company and www.maptoolkit.net for the Tool Kit.


bikemapThis started as a portal for user generated bicycle routes  and grew to what is likely the largest cycling website in Europe. There are many beautiful features for cyclists and further improvements will shortly ignite another stage of Bikemap, since we turned this formerly side project into a startup in the beginning of 2015. With the second venture round in 2017 I sold my shares.
Link: www.bikemap.net.


logocycecon11When I was managing my former bike tour companies I used to travel far too much for business and not enough by bike. So in 2008 I cut down the number of my business trips by alternatively trying to make everybody come to my place. In other words, I founded Cyclesummit, an international conference and get together of bike tour operators from around the world. It has run annually since its foundation and shaped the whole industry of bicycle tourism towards a more unified processes, closer cooperation and a higher degree of trust among former competitors. This has lead to a market that is now perceived by customers as a more professional business than before, and thus the market itself has grown quicker than before. As such, the bicycle tourism industry has taken mayor steps out its niche and towards general business.
Link: www.cyclesummit.com (English) and www.cyclesummit.de (German).

Bodensee-Tourismus Service

Bodensee-Tourismus_Service_keyIn the beginning I was distributing some advertising material around Lake Constance for my new company Radweg-Reisen. The work got boring, so I started to scale it up and another startup, Bodensee-Tourismus Service was founded. It is now a mailing house and monopolist of brochure distribution in southern Germany. We also manage a group of hotels and offer lots of different services to the local travel industry.
Link: www.der-bodensee.de and landing pages as www.marienschlucht.de.


raverlag-logoOn of my newest companies is a full service agency that promotes cycle paths for tourism, with features such as websites, apps, brochures and more. It is still young and still growing rapidly. Our major European cycle path brochures are locally distributed along those routes, and are already reaching more than 1 million cycle tourists every year, with numbers growing rapidly.
Link: www.radverlag.de (company), www.radreise.de (bike tour reports), www.radweg.de (work in progress).


rundays_125We offered running cruises on huge cruise liners all over the world. It is the only company I closed. Sales were made directly  by a huge Germany brand, and the company grew quickly. However there came a point when  I decided to stop working with my former business partner because my well-being is more important than financial success. Selling the company was not an option. So I stepped back, closed the company and sold the brand.


Did you read everything up to here? Wow! Business aside, I’ll tell you a few more words about myself.

I studied mathematics and philosophy in Germany and Canada, but I never took my final oral exam be cause I had started my first company and found founding so much more fun.

When I was young, I was called a highly gifted talent in math. I was invited to the Nobel Prize Ceremonies in Stockholm, representing German young scientists. And I won mathematical contests and stuff, but that’s all over now.

I am living both in Konstanz and Vienna – since I have companies in both cities.

I am trained as a NLP coach, and I do some business and success coaching from time to time.

I am a pilot, and I love to fly with my smallest bike on board, which is my red Brompton.


At the moment I am a frequent speaker at conferences. Usually about cycle tourism or about my thoughts and experiences as a serial founder.

I am also an investor in real estate and startups.