13 bicycle travellers that inspire you on Instagram

Depending on who in the travel business you ask, there might be four, five, six or even more so called stages of travel. But they all agree upon the part of inspiration und dreaming being the first step towards all travel.

So it all begins with you getting inspired.

And that is why I love the notion of travel blogs and websites like Instagram so much.

In terms of bicycle tourism I have been following a few hundred cycling travellers.

And here are my favorite ones. Just click on the name or the photo to find their official twitter account:

1. Awanderingphoto (Shirine Taylor)



Shirine and her partner Kevin are cycling around and giving the world their smile. Their photos are absolutely inspiring, and her Shirine’s blog  is full of wise observations, thoughts and thus inspiration. If she can do it (btw: on just 6 USD per day, including all flights), you don’t have a single excuse left to not start living the life of your dreams right now.

2. Bicycletouringpro (Darren Alff)



Darren is a real pro. He not only seems to be cycling full time, but while doing so he also writes one of the most comprehensive websites about bicycle touring. Lots of photos of him cycling somewhere.

3. Siranteli (Antti Aittola)



Antti is cycling the world, his blog riversanddeserts.com is beautiful, and even the lines under his photos on Instagram are poetic:

This is my bike. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My bike is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

My bike, without me, is useless. Without my bike, I am useless. We are ready for #Urals.

4. Vélonomade



Vélonomade is a shared Instagram account (and a website) of a bunch of Belgian cyclists who keep travelling mostly in Morocco and other African countries.

5. Bikepacking



Pedalingnowhere is an Instagram account and a great website of a bunch of cycling enthusiasts that do route suggestions as well as gear review.

6. Twowheeltravel (Tyler Robertson and Caroly Bys)



Carolyn and Tyler are two Americans who got to Poland, went out on their bikes quite often and then decided they need share their knowledge with the world. Being inspired by the work of other sites (like Travellingtwo and Pathslesspedaled) they started their Instagram and their great website twowheeltravelblog.com, where they now share inspiration and information about cycling all over beautiful eastern Europe.

7. Cycling Clown (Jacob Mellor)



Jacob calls himself the Cycling Clown, and he left Manchester in 2013 to cycle round the world for charity. So far he has gone 20,000km through 20 countries, and he is posting photos from his trip every day.

8. Thecrazyguy (Pablo Mandado)



Pablo and Ilze, are cycling around the world on the cheap, wild camping and living with less than 4 Euro a day. Don’t forget to have a look at their website thecrazytravel.com, which is one of the best bike travel sites I have seen.

9. Cycletraveller (Alia Parker)



Alia and Simon Parker are cycling all over Australia, and their website cycletraveller.com.au became an inspiration and a resource for everybody who wants to cycle beautiful Australia.

10. 700binkm (Basak and Rahman)



Basak and Rahman are a Turkish couple riding around the world on two bikes with two Rohloffs. Their goal is to get 700.000 km done, and according to their Instagram the are having a lot of fun. Also check their website 700binkm.com

11. Nowhere2fa (Holly and David Partridge)



Holly and David are cycling the world, and their Instagram account is full of stunning photos that make you want to hop on your bike instantly.

12. Diocanaestrada (Julie and Thiago)




After 10 years working in an office Julie and Thiago decided to change their lifes. They got some bikes and have been cycling the world since. If you are not convinced yet that riding a bike makes happy, then check their Instagram or their blog with lots of photos.

13. Cyclepeter (Peter Eich)



Peter Eich? Hey, that’s me! I am the founder of bikemap.net and many other bicycle related companies (see cyclepeter.com/about for details). I sold most of them, and now I work as an international speaker for cycle tourism on the one side, and on the other side I am travelling the world – mostly on my bike. My Instagram account shows both my bike tours and also my perspective on cycling infrastructure wherever I am.

More cyclists on Instagram?

Do you know more Instagram accounts to follow? Then leave them as a link in the comments, even if it is your own account!

Thanks for all your suggestions on more cyclists to follow. Please keep posting!

So here comes the bonus

This is the Instagram accounts that  were suggested by readers:

14. Pathlesspedaled (Laura Crawford and Russ Roca)



Laura and Russ are not just filling their Instagram with great photos, but both are well known speakers advocating bicycle tourism. And don’t forget to check their great site. Their excellent gear review made my decision about coffee making while being on a bike tour.

15. Becycling (Daniele and Simona)



Daniele and Simona are from Rome, Italy, and they are riding their bicycles to the top of the seven highest passable mountain passes of the world, one for each continent. Their route crosses more than 50 countries and 100.000 km all by bicycle. And their website and photos are very inspiring.

  • Found this account not long ago and met him while I was back home visiting. He works at a bike shop and shares incredible scenery of the Midwest — what we never see: http://instagram.com/parts.and.labor

    • Thanks Aaron, I have been following for quite a while them actually, and I simply forgot to put them on the list. And, their gear review just made my order my espresso equipment a few days ago. Looking forward to serving many espressi on my next tours ;)

  • Sepi Ionut

    My account is about life ciclyng! Enjoy! http://instagram.com/p/uap5S_q5G8/

  • Tina B.

    @eivissastef great pictures around cycling, and bike touring in Spain and Romania.

    • True, great photos. But not a bicycle traveller in the way I am presenting here. If I do another top list for cyclists in general I will consider him.

  • It will be honour for us to have you following us :-)



  • nahid

    so so wonderful links to push your heart to make your dreams! :) really thanks to share these with us.

  • thanks for the love, Peter!

  • Great list… thanks for the inclusion!!

  • I’m glad I made the list Peter. Thanks so much! I think it’s important that, as someone who helps others conduct their own guided, self-guided and self-supported bicycle touring adventures, I also bicycle tour… all the time… and in various countries all around the world.

  • Mike

    I’ve been on the road now for a year and a hAlf on a Yuba Cargo Bike with my best fuzzy friend Bixby. We’ve slowly covered 31 states and over 8,000 miles promoting pet adoption. I was never a cyclist before this and was a chain smoker. You never know where you’ll find inspiration and I found mine in Big Bend meeting a couple people on a bike ride. Decided to put the smokes down and start pedaling. Best decision I ever made. we are “wheresbixby” on instagram.

  • Channel Manager

    Interesting List! Thanks for sharing!

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