Capital City Trail in Melbourne

The Capital City Trail is a bike path that circles Melbourne city centre on a length of 28 kilometers (17 miles).

By my opinion a relaxed day tour along this trail is one of the best day adventures you can do in Melbourne.

Capital City Trail

Map taken from, see an interactive map at the bottom of this article.

Here is the story of my bike trip:

Before getting to the central business district to start the tour, we had to cross the Yarra river from Newport to Port Melbourne.

The huge bridge in the background is connecting both sides of the river. But bikes are not allowed across, and cycling the next bridge is a detour of about 10 km.

So they installed The Punt, a tiny ferry commuting under the bridge – just for cyclists. But the Punt is more than just a small ferry. It is also an experience of the great Australian friendliness.

The Punt, Westgatepunt

And as an exchange for the ferryman’s kindness we equipped him with a pair of real cycling glasses. In return he handled over the control of his vessel to us.

If you ever happen to ride The Punt, please look out for the glasses and say hello to the ferryman.

The Punt, Westgatepunt

The ride itself starts at South Wharf, and we tool the beautiful Webb Bridge to cross the Yarra again, since we decided to cycle the Capital City Trails clockwise.

Webb bridge

At Victoria Harbour we came across the most beautiful bike stand I have ever seen.

Bike Stand Victoria Harbour

In the beginning the trail follows the railway canal, which is underneath the City Link highway. Kind of an interesting urban setting.

Capital City Trail

The landscape keeps changing quickly for the first kilometers.

Capital City Trail

Very urban surroundings and nature are very close.


During the whole ride you have to cross (over and under) about 50 bridges.

Capital City Trail

Some are ugly.

Capital City Trail

Some are at least colorful.

DSC03120 DSC03122 DSC03127 DSC03147

And yes, there are many places to hang out along the trail.

DSC03152DSC03216 DSC03214 DSC03196DSC03232 DSC03244 DSC03259 DSC03269DSC03298 DSC03301DSC03338 DSC03340 DSC03388.jpg DSC03445.jpg


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