Folding bike and folding kayak


Today I have received a new toy – a beautiful folding kayak.

The boat is made by Oru Kayak, and it is a light weight (12 kg) kayak, folded in origami stlye, surprisingly stable and easy to store and carry.

The bike is a Tern S11i, a bike that does not fold as small as my Brompton, but it rides much faster and at the moment it is my preferred every day bike.

Here is my first trip at Lake Constance:


Carrying my folding kayak on my folding bike.






Unclear… (only for a second).





As soon as I have got more experience with the kayak, I will write a real review. Stay tuned!

  • How did the backpack work for you? How far where you riding with it? For how long do you think it would be comfortable, carrying the Kayak like that?

    • Peter Eich

      Hi Martin,
      thanks again for inspiring me to buy the Oru Kayak. I am already convinced it was a good choice.
      The backpack is surprisingly comfortable. Just keep in mind that when cycling with the huge backpack on you will not be able to look back and watch the traffic behind you without really twisting your upper body.
      I cycled 4 km each way. I think more than 10km would be a pain, although the hip belt helps getting the weight off the shoulders.
      For a longer bike trip I would rather get a trailer – or any other solution than the backpack.

  • Jenny Lorge

    I’m very interested in the Oru kayak. I look forward to your performance review.

    • Peter Eich

      So am I, Jenny ;)

  • Debra Weisenstein

    How about a way to carry the folding bike on the folding kayak, so you can do point-to-point paddles?