The power of Facebook for bicycle touring

You surely know those decisions you have to make when packing your bike.

This or rather that? Going for comfort or for weight? Better pictures or smaller camera? Small tent or heavy tent? Etc. etc.

In my case I was preparing my bike trip around Tasmania, when I was not so sure about both tents and cameras. I had two choices. And I decided to ask for help on Facebook.

questions facebook

But not just in my profile amongst my friends (most of them are not into bicycle touring), but instead in groups that are dedicated to bicycle touring.

Bicycle Touring

Like the very active group Bicycle Touring with more than 10.000 members:

We are Bicycle Tourers.
Brave men, women, children, dogs and felines from all around the globe with the same passion: To explore the world the slow way, on our well-laden (t)rusty steeds, one stroke at a time.
Some of us gather here to share stories.
Some to share knowledge.
Others simply absorb all the greatness that surrounds our hobby.
It doesn’t matter where you come from, or where you’re headed to; if you enjoy touring, even if it’s a short trip or an expedition of a lifetime:
Be welcome.
Please be kind, polite, respectful, and do not post for commercial interest….and for the love of all that is good and holy, please avoid the helmet debate.
  • rouxmarcus

    hei,i discovered that actualy,you can search posts if you know some words of the title & add the keyword post / video / ex: post by A Person , cycling tips .
    sometimes & most of the times it works for me..mostly when i refresh the newsfeed and i forget about opening a certain post in a new tab . anyways,wish you great life :D

  • Jasper Mogg

    There’s a search function just below the cover photo on the left hand side. On desktop, anyway.

    • That’s correct – and cool. Thanks for that hint.
      I was referring to the general search on Facebook though.

  • Alan Bundy

    Hi Peter, I just wanted to remind you and your readers that Facebook does have a way to search all subjects in its Groups. If you look to the lower right of the Cover Photo, just under it there is a Window with an Hourglass. Post a persons name here or any question you might have and everything talked about since the beginning of that particular Groups beginning will pop up. Its a useful tool…

    Great post thanks for including the Bicycle Touring group in your list

    BT Administrator

    • Thanks Alan, you are right.

      • Alan Bundy

        Oops I meant Magnifying Glass…instead.

  • hereNT

    If you look at your activity log, you can search there for things that aren’t in groups, even just your own likes.

    There’s also a ‘save’ option from the drop down / context menu for posts. I haven’t figured out exactly which posts are allowed to be saved, though, think it might be you can only save things shared with you, and not your own posts. Sadly, that doesn’t have a search. It’s useful mostly for things you want to read after work or whatever.

    It’s a bit tricky to use, but if you start typing in the desktop search at the top of the page and choose just the option with a magnifying glass, you’ll be taken to a page that allows you to search all of facebook. It’s finicky, though, and often searches after the first one will just jump to the first hit.

    Also, after 7 or so comments since *your* last comment in any thread outside of a group, you’ll stop getting notifications. To change that, choose ‘turn on notifications’ from the post’s context menu. If it says ‘turn off notifications’ do that, then turn on again. Useful if you want to follow something even if you’re not actively in the conversation, or if you’re going to be gone from the computer for awhile.

    • Great advice, thanks!

      • Alan

        I believe there is an icon in the Home menu called Saved. This is where your saved posts are.

  • Hi Peter,
    I came into your blog because me too, I’m dealing with the dilemma “picture-quality versus weight of the camera” (I am a professional photographer, which is an important detail in this question :) ).
    Could you please refer me to the facebook-discussion where you received feedback from fellow bikers about the camera issue?

    Thank you!
    Keep on biking

    • sorry… found it in the meantime. sorry for posting this too soon! :)