The power of Facebook for bicycle touring

You surely know those decisions you have to make when packing your bike.

This or rather that? Going for comfort or for weight? Better pictures or smaller camera? Small tent or heavy tent? Etc. etc.

In my case I was preparing my bike trip around Tasmania, when I was not so sure about both tents and cameras. I had two choices. And I decided to ask for help on Facebook.

questions facebook

But not just in my profile amongst my friends (most of them are not into bicycle touring), but instead in groups that are dedicated to bicycle touring.

Bicycle Touring

Like the very active group Bicycle Touring with more than 10.000 members:

We are Bicycle Tourers.
Brave men, women, children, dogs and felines from all around the globe with the same passion: To explore the world the slow way, on our well-laden (t)rusty steeds, one stroke at a time.
Some of us gather here to share stories.
Some to share knowledge.
Others simply absorb all the greatness that surrounds our hobby.
It doesn’t matter where you come from, or where you’re headed to; if you enjoy touring, even if it’s a short trip or an expedition of a lifetime:
Be welcome.
Please be kind, polite, respectful, and do not post for commercial interest….and for the love of all that is good and holy, please avoid the helmet debate.