11 Sarcastic Theses About Cuba

Cycling long distances can be boring. For hours you are somehow stuck on your bike, left alone with your thoughts. During my bike trip across Cuba I started texting my sarcasm into aphorisms. And some of these ended up in theses, that I got photos for, illustrating them.

Thank you to my co-traveler Marco, who helped wasting the time for this list with me ;)

And here they are:

1. You start seeing Cuba the day you stop taking photos of old cars

Cuba car photographer

2. In Cuba there is no visible advertisement – except for the revolution

The victory of the ideas is rosting.

3. In Cuba bicycles are taken serious

Bike taxis are (still) playing an important role in Cuba, even in Havanna, which is the largest city of the Caribean.

4. In Cuba the internet is still a place with opening hours


5. Cuba is the world’s largest museum of transportation

Cyclist: No wheels?! Farmer: Wheels?!

6. In Cuba you have to learn to not just say „no“, but to fully be no

Half a second after Marco had offered one cookie to one child he was surrounded by follow ups.

7. The rocking chair is the key to the Cuban soul

Pink as possible.

8. Cuba expands your tolerance to pink


9. There is always too much or too little of anything in Cuba


10. If you are confronted with a Cuban holding a machete, he either wants to open a coconut or peel a sugar cane for you


11. Bridges in Cuba work longer than they stand


12. You start being in Cuba the day you stop being sarcastic about it